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Steamed Dumpling
Thai style pork and prawn dumpling served with sweet soy sauce
Roasted Duck Red Curry
Roasted Duck meat cooked with red curry, coconut milk pineapple, tomato, fresh chilli and basil
Prawn Tempura
Deep fried king prawn in bread crumb served with spicy mayonnaise
Green Curry
Bangkok's famous green curry pasted, cooked along with coconut milk and basil leaves, this curry will live up to its name
Aubergine stir fried with soybean
Tamarind Sauce
Marinated and fried before topping it up with juicy tamarind sauce, sprinkled with fried shallots.
House Mixed Starter
A selection of 5 authentic Thai starters with various sauces
Grilled Baby Chicken
baby chicken, marinated with garlic and fresh herbs, grilled to perfection over charcoal, served with bone and skin on.
Steam Seabass
Steamed whole Seabass with lemon and chillies dressing
Beef in Oyster Sauce
Grilled sirloin beef topped with oyster sauce, mushrooms, peppers
Chuchee Sauce
Thicken and more concentrate version of red curry paste is poured on the deep fried meat of prawn.
Chicken Satay
Strips of chicken marinated with spices, skewered and grilled on charcoal served with a lightly spiced peanut sauce
Warm Welcome Table
Fantastic Wooden Craft Table
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Clifton Thai4